Lessons continue

On return from our adventure weekend, the teaching assistants started to plan for their lessons in the week ahead. Volunteers at both schools now felt much more confident in planning and teaching lessons and their creativity in their lesson ideas really shone through.


Classrooms at both Rhema and Dedzidi schools were very different to the colourful learning environments our pupils are used to at Cirencester Deer Park so together our volunteers planned ways to brighten up the walls and introduce creative activities to the pupils.


Pupils were instantly engaged by the resources collected by our team before the trip and there was real buzz around the classrooms as pupils created masks and decorated cardboard cut outs of themselves. Pupils proudly posed for photos and were keen to show their friends in other classes what they had made in their lessons. Our volunteers were later very popular at break times with other children asking them to ‘come and do the people lesson with us too!’


It wasn’t just in lessons that pupils were being engaged, our volunteers were also surrounded at break and lunchtimes by pupils who were excited to play with them. They particularly enjoyed playing ball games, reading and using the parachutes that had been donated for the trip.


Miss Bluett and Mrs Mackew enjoyed watching our volunteers in the classroom and seeing their confidence and classroom management develop over the two weeks. The Ghanaian class teachers were also clearly happy with our volunteers work, with many choosing to take a nap while their classes were busy learning!