Football Fever

Halfway through our second week in Ghana, excitement was building for the semi-final of the World Cup. With so many exciting evening activities planned for us, we didn’t know whether we would be able to watch the match but there was lots of speculation about what the score would be.

After projects on 11th July we all gathered at the front of the hostel and went along the coastline to Keta lagoon. We took boats over to Shell Island and watched the sunset before heading back across to Keta.


Back on dry land we were taken to a local hotel with a TV lounge where we could watch the match. After a very early goal from Trippier, England were in the lead and so we were feeling confident at half time. However, unfortunately Croatia scored in the second half meaning that the match would go into extra time. Miss Bluett and Mrs Mackew had to make the tricky decision whether to take the group back to the hostel for dinner or to stay to watch until the end of the match. In the end they decided that they would stay and unfortunately Croatia scored again meaning that England would not make the final. Although the team were a little disappointed, they recognised that watching England in the semi-finals in Ghana is something not everyone can say they have done and we turned our thoughts to our own upcoming match against some local football champions.


Later in the week, with some lingering disappointment after the England team’s defeat, we faced our own challenge. We had been asked to play the local ladies team who, we were told on many occasions, were the regional champions. We were told that no other volunteer team had ever beaten them, so our players were a little daunted but ready to give it a go to be the first.


The team took to the pitch a little nervously since a lot of it was covered in sand and very uneven in places. Everyone got involved either by playing or cheering on from the side lines and at the end of the match the score again was 2-1 but this time the score went in our favour! The team were congratulated on their win and we had the opportunity to hear about the training programme in the local community. We thanked the team for an enjoyable game and on our last day in Ghana we donated some football kit to assist with the future running and growth of the training programme.