Orientation in Woe

After a well needed sleep, during our orientation on the first day of the trip we were told it was a Ghanaian bank holiday. This was to mark the first day of a new Ghanaian Republic after gaining independence from British rule in 1960. This meant that no schools were open and so we would be taking a walk through Woe and visiting Lolito instead.

SAM_6654During our walk we visited the local harbour and saw some fishermen just leaving for a day’s work. As they left they were stoking a stove in the boat to cook their meals on, since many local fishermen are often on the lagoon all day. Some keen Geographers even carried out a wave count with no prompting from Miss Bluett at all!

We then climbed St Paul’s lighthouse, the oldest light house in Ghana and were treated to spectacular views of the South Atlantic and Keta lagoon from the top. Afterwards we went on to the beach and had great fun chasing after crabs and watching the fishing nets being pulled in.

We returned to the hostel for a delicious lunch of jollof rice and fried chicken. We set off for Lolito in the afternoon but there’s too much to write about here. See our next post for all the excitement and chicken dancing!IMG_3641