The Great Ghana 2018 Ping Pong Ball Race

On Thursday 14 June 2018, our team met for our last fundraising event before our departure to Woe, Ghana on Saturday 30 June: The Great Ghana 2018 Ping Pong Ball Race. Pupils have been involved in selling 1,000 numbered ping pong balls for £1 each, including at a variety of fundraising events, since they signed up for this volunteer trip in Summer 2017. Now was the time to see which ball would win the race and who would win the £100 prize!

We had decided to christen the staircase in our newly opened school extension (which houses our English, Computing and RP faculties) by racing ping pong balls down it.  The first challenge for pupils was to trouble shoot getting the balls around the corner on the stairs. After some problem solving and delegation of tasks – photographer, finish line holder and ball thrower to name but a few – we were ready prepared for the drop. Once the brightly coloured balls were released, the race was over in a matter of seconds and eagle-eyed Grace and Charlie were on hand to spot the winning ball, number 492, go over the line.

Ping pong ball race

After the adrenalin rush of the race and the frenzied tidy up of the 1,000 balls, we were back upstairs to finish packing the donated items we will be taking with us to Ghana. Pupils and their families, staff members and the local community, including local churches and the Royal Agricultural Universty, have been very generous and we have over 80kg of donations including stationery, clothes, sports kits, books, toys and toiletries to donate to the local communities of Woe and Lolito that we will be visiting during our trip.

The whole team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported our fundraising and preparations this year.

We will be posting updates throughout the trip so keep an eye out for more news about our adventures.