Football Fever

Halfway through our second week in Ghana, excitement was building for the semi-final of the World Cup. With so many exciting evening activities planned for us, we didn’t know whether we would be able to watch the match but there was lots of speculation about what the score would be. After projects on 11th July…… Continue reading Football Fever

Building Blocks

For our community builders, their second week on project saw them mixing more concrete by hand. The blocks they made are to be used in new projects at their school including the construction of a new canteen and extensions to the classroom facilities. Both groups had got into a good rhythm by now and worked well together…… Continue reading Building Blocks

Lessons continue

On return from our adventure weekend, the teaching assistants started to plan for their lessons in the week ahead. Volunteers at both schools now felt much more confident in planning and teaching lessons and their creativity in their lesson ideas really shone through. Classrooms at both Rhema and Dedzidi schools were very different to the colourful learning…… Continue reading Lessons continue

First day on projects

On Tuesday morning all volunteers set off for their first day on project. Mrs Mackew headed up the team working at Rhema Abutia while Miss Bluett took the group working at Dedzidi, a short bus ride away in Anloga. At Rhema Abutia the group were welcomed with a celebration of drumming, singing and dancing and…… Continue reading First day on projects